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Hotheaded Hag

"She doesn't limit herself to candles when burning things at both ends." — Sister Abigail

The Burning Witch is one of the Revenants in Darksburg.

In a previous life...[]

In life, Lorraine Ardeleanu worked as a fortune teller (or con artist, depending on who you asked) who warmed the hearts and sparked joy in the minds of the Darksburg townsfolk with tales of hope before her untimely demise at the stake for witchcraft. Now burning forever as a Revenant, she has since become a staunch advocate of the adage "Build a man a fire he'll be warm for a day, set a man on fire and he'll be warm the rest of his life." 


Shared Shadow Step Once concealed by the Fog of War, assume your Shadow Form then move swiftly ahead of the Survivors and reappear to ambush them. You are invisible and invulnerable while in Shadow Form,

but can't use any of your other abilities.

Q Burning Feet Burning Feet.png A lightning-quick dash that leaves a blazing trail on the ground. Good for splitting a group of Survivors, or dashing away from danger. Using Fiery Temper instantly refreshes its cooldown.
W Fiery Temper Fiery Temper.png A powerful, high-damage explosion around the Witch. Throw fireballs at Survivors to charge this skill up. When it is up, the Witch will sport a distinct fiery glow, so beware: your enemies will know your intentions!


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