Darksburg Wiki

Cabinet of Curiosities[]

This portable Cabinet of Curiosities was devised by the mysterious advisor to the Duke of Dreadmire, Pr.Ehrgeiz. In exchange for the marvellous rarities called "Curios", it will demand Dreadium Ingots, a mysterious material that the professor uses for his shady endeavours.


Curious are passive items that the player can buy using Dreadium Ingots. These can be purchased and equipped before a match or during by visiting the Cabinet of Curiosities that appears in the starting area of each level. These curios come with a variety of effects which become stronger the higher tier you go. There are currently 4 tiers of Curios: Common, Fancy, Extravagant and Prestigious. Each loadout can carry up to 4 Common, 3 Fancy, 2 Extravagant and 1 Prestigious; as long as the relevant slots have been unlocked. The player will begin with 2 Common, 1 Fancy and their Prestigious slot unlocked.

Loadout Slots[]

Slot Type Cost
Common 1 Unlocked by default
Common 2 Unlocked by default
Common 3 200 Dreadium Ingots
Common 4 400 Dreadium Ingots
Fancy 1 Unlocked by default
Fancy 2 200 Dreadium Ingots
Fancy 3 400 Dreadium Ingots
Extravagant 1 200 Dreadium Ingots
Extravagant 2 400 Dreadium Ingots
Prestigious Unlocked by default

Common Curios[]

Common Curios are the lowest tier and offer minor passive effects, but can have the most equipped at once. Currently, all Common tier curious cost 50 Dreadium Ingots to unlock.

Curio Type Effect
Hand-drawn Map of Darksburg Utility Displays objectives and the critical objects' positions on the radar.
Leg Braces Utility Cancels the move speed penalty when carrying heavy objects.
Heart Shaped Brooch Survival Grants 200 extra HP
One-Eyed Mordred's Glass Eye Utility Grants you vision from other Survivors.
Burrowing Boar's Truffle Liquor Survival Automatically gets you up from incapacitation and restores one chunk of life if all other survivors are down or dead. It is consumed in the process and must be restored at the Cabinet of Curiosities using Dreadium Ingots before it can be unequipped or used again.
Paper Bag Survival Health regenerates slowly if only one chunk of health is remaining.
Darksburg Boar-Crested Insignia Performance All damage output is increased by 5%.
Black Mask Utility Your presence and attacks generate very little attention from the infected so there's little chance they switch targets for you in combat.
Perfectly Balanced Weighted Bracelets Performance Attack speed is permanently increased by 10%.
Novelty Chew Toy Survival Makes a Survivor immune to any attacks from the infected while they're incapacitated, and also prevents the loss of a chunk of health when they are eventually revived by an ally.

It is consumed in the process and must be restored at the Cabinet of Curiosities using Dreadium Ingots before it can be unequipped or used again.

Strap-on Studded Soles from the Sole Mole Shop Performance Move speed is permanently increased by 5%.
Rainbow Pinwheel Utility The effect of all Fountains of Wisdom lasts 25% longer.
Zombie Tooth Charm Utility Killing off a lesser infected grants 3 HP in temporary health.
??? Survival ???
"TimeTusk" Wrist-Sundial Performance All cooldowns are reduced by 10%.
Granny Gretchen's Pendulum Utility Displays the position of any Fountain of Wisdom on the radar within a 50-yard range.
First Mint Manfred Coin Performance Zombies you kill have a slight chance to drop a small quantity of gold upon dying.
Heart Shaped Stamp Ring Survival Grants 200 extra HP.
??? Performance ???
??? Survival ???

Fancy Curios[]

Fancy Curious are the 2nd tier of curios you can get, with stronger effects than their Common counterparts. Currently they all cost 100 Dreadium Ingots.

Curio Type Effect
Red Little Bell Utility Your attacks seem to make the infected furious and drag their attention to you.
Toe Socks from the Tiptoeing Toad Shop Utility Reduces the intensity of all slowing down effects by 50%.
Padded Brigandine Survival Defense is permanently increased by 10%.
Green Man's Compass Utility Displays chests and baskets on the radar in a 30 yard radius.
Fireproof Jacket Survival Makes you immune to burning effects.
Fabulous Feathered Hat Performance All damage output is increased by 30% as long as your health bar remains full.
Fabulous Feathered Cuff-Links Utility Attack speed is increased by 30% as long as your health bar remains full.
Prisoner Skin Locket Survival Deals considerable damage to foes that hurt you.
Hasty Hattie's Hydrostatic Hourglass Performance Doubles the refresh speed of all abilities when the user is standing still.
Monocle of Minute Methodologies Performance Grants an extra 5 XP per foe you kill. Multipliers apply after this gain.
Ygdar Orus Li Ox Survival At the moment of your death, the heart gets you back on your feet and makes you invincible for 10s.

It is consumed in the process and must be restored at the Cabinet of Curiosities using Dreadium Ingots before it can be unequipped or used again.

Thieves Guild's Secret Signet Ring Utility Grants you the opportunity to open a mysterious chest from the Thieves' Guild somewhere in the district.
??? Utility ???
??? Performance ???
??? Utility ???
??? Survival ???
??? Performance ???
??? Survival ???
??? Performance ???
??? Performance ???

Extravagant Curios[]

Extravagant Curios are the 3rd tier of curios and have stronger effects than both Common and Fancy curios. Currently they all cost ??? Dreadium Ingots and the player must unlock an Extravagant slot before they can purchase a curio of this type.

Curio Type Effect
White Armband Survival Allows the wearer to be revived endlessly as long as there is at least one standing Survivor to help them up.
Studded Fingerless Gloves Performance Attack speed is increased by 30% when your health lies strictly under 300 HP.
Runolf's Boarlets Badge of Friendship Utility Runolf benefits from a 25% resistance if an ally is nearby.

The badge also allows him to revive incapacitated allies from a distance, without interaction, although at a slower pace.

This Curio can only be equipped by Runolf

Skull-Patterned Bandana Utility Move speed is increased by 20% when your health lies strictly below 300 HP.
Spiked Collar Performance Damage output is increased by 25% when strictly below 300 HP.
Talisman of Flimsy Overconfidence. Performance Defense is increased by 99% while your health bar remains full.
Old Engraved Pocket Watch Performance Drastically increases move, interaction, channeling and cooldown speed when health is below 100 HP.
Street Nurse's Manual Survival When you use an Elixir, a Bandage, or a First Aid Kit, all other Survivors gain 50% of their effect in temporary health. Using a Healing Salve or a Doctor's Satchel provides 100%.
Varag’s First Baby Fang Utility Attack power is increased by 5% for 3s per foe killed by Dire Bite, up to a maximum of +100%.

This Curio can only be quipped by Varag

Survivor's Guide to the Apocalypse Survival You are fully healed every time you level up.
Dreadmire Reinforced Plastron Survival Reduces all incoming damage from ranged attacks by 50%.
Dr. Dolorosa’s Four Thieves Vinegar (updated formula) Utility Picking up Infection Samples grants Dr. Dolorosa a poisonous aura that grows with each Infection Sample and shrinks back down over time.

The vinear also automatically repels any lesser infected that comes too close to her while she's incapacitated.

This Curios can only be quipped by Dr. Dolorosa

Rod of Asclepius Lucky Charm Survival All healing items have a 60% chance of not being consumed when used.
Studded Fingerless Gloves Performance Attack speed is increased by 30% when your health lies strictly under 300 HP.
Alley Cats Skull Trinket Survival Defense is increased by 50% when your health lies strictly below 100 HP.
??? Performance ???
??? Survival ???
??? Utility ???
??? Utility ???
??? Utility ???

Prestigious Curios[]

Prestigious Curios are the highest tier of curios and have the strongest effects. Unlike other curios, a player must complete a 10th level Ascension run and unlock all Masteries skills with a single character before they can unlock the curio of that character.

Curio Character Effect
??? Abigail ???
??? Rose ???
??? Varag ???
??? Runolf ???
??? Dr. Dolorosa ???