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Chief Axecutive Officer

"I've heard of being hung up about your job, but this is ridiculous." — Runolf

The Executioner is one of the Revenants in Darksburg.

In a previous life...

Few people show such dedication to their occupation as one Gerald Sauer did throughout his life, and there's no doubt even fewer maintained the same level of dedication AFTER they died. The man always had a keen sense of justice and tight morals, but those kind of loosened when he kicked the bucket, so as a Survivor, don't expect too much mercy from him.


Shared Shadow Step Once concealed by the Fog of War, assume your Shadow Form then move swiftly ahead of the Survivors and reappear to ambush them. You are invisible and invulnerable while in Shadow Form,

but can't use any of your other abilities.

Q Heaume Run Heaume Run.png A head-on charge that knocks back the Survivors and deals them a fair amount of damage. Can be charged for increased duration, speed and damage.
W Pillory-go-round Pillory-go-round.png A powerful spin that stuns Survivors in range. Can be tricky to land, but very punishing when it connects. Can be launched at any time, including in the midst of Heaume Run!


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