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The Fiend of the Fishery

"I don't know if her smell makes me sick or hungry and this makes me sad and angry." — Varag

The Fishmonger is one of the Revenants in Darksburg.

In a previous life...[]

Most people in Darksburg unwittingly knew Maritza Haifisch, or at least her booming voice as it drowned out the other merchants' outcry at the marketplace. It's also hard to ignore a 7-foot-tall woman carrying sharks on her shoulders. A fishmonger before falling to the plague, she found herself obsessed by a huge zombified whale, despite repeated reminders that whales were in fact, not fish. The whale's name shall not be uttered here due to its questionable connotations.


Shared Shadow Step Once concealed by the Fog of War, assume your Shadow Form then move swiftly ahead of the Survivors and reappear to ambush them. You are invisible and invulnerable while in Shadow Form,

but can't use any of your other abilities.

Q Relentless Trawling A smelly, loaded fishnet that is able to prevent a Survivor from moving for a while. This does not prevent its target from using some abilities, though. Your basic harpoon attack has more range than the Survivors using a melee weapon, but take care of rangers!
W Arrr, me hearty! Throw your huge harpoon with all your strength and send it flying in a straight line. Penetrating its target, it can be used to remove a Survivor from the group. Massive damage is added if the victim collides with a wall when hit. Offers more strategic possibilities than meet the eye!

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