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Stark Raven' Mad

"There will be no Raven quotes for this introduction, per Edgar Allen Poe's wishes." — Darksburg's Notary

The Raven Master is one of the Revenants in Darksburg.

In a previous life...[]

The townspeople would often mock Bertram Rabenschwarz for his mimicry of birds and loner status. Not the wisest choice, when the delivery of their letters fell to him and his messenger ravens. And those letters, it turned out, were full of dirty little secrets, as became painfully evident when they found themselves falling into the wrong hands. As a Revenant, he's now creepier as ever, roaming the streets of Darksburg, surrounded by murders of crows.


Shared Shadow Step Once concealed by the Fog of War, assume your Shadow Form then move swiftly ahead of the Survivors and reappear to ambush them. You are invisible and invulnerable while in Shadow Form,

but can't use any of your other abilities.

Q Featherstorm Raven Storm.png A whirlwind of pitch-black feathers that obscures the Survivors' sight, slows them down and can even incapacitate them given enough time. Also allows other Revenants to appear or summon

zombies close to the Survivors.

W Attempted Murder Murder of Crows.png A murder of crows flies in a straight line, blinding, damaging and slowing down the Survivors it hits. Not very powerful, but can be combined with the Featherstorm to great effect!


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