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The Deadeye Duo

A prolific bounty hunter, expert marksman, with an eye (literally, singular) for a payday, Rose is not an easy woman to make friends with. Unless you're a small, striped rodent that she inexplicably takes a liking to, of course...?

"If we hear one more 'eye for an eye' joke, we're gonna go nuts!"

Rose & Twig is one of the Survivors in Darksburg.


Passive Headcount Each kill increases Rose's Headcount meter (some kills are worth more than others).

Headcount gradually increases Rose's rate of fire and move speed, but is reset upon taking any damage.

Q Somersault Somersault.png Rose leaps gracefully into the air to put herself out of harm's way...or reposition herself to get a clear shot!
W Furball of Death Furball of death.png Rose sends Twig into the melee. Twig goes nuts and turns into a squeaking whirlwind of teeth and claws.

This obscures the infected's sight and slows them down heavily, making them easy targets for Rose.

E Trigger Bolt Piercing Shot.png A mighty ranged attack that pierces through targets like a needle through fabric, and that

can be detonated at any time to stun and damage enemies over a small area.

R (Ultimate) Barrage Barrage.png Rose fires up to three bolts in the sky, that come down raining on infected and dealing a ton of

damage on impact. Perfect for killing off a Revenant or giving an ally some breathing space.

Passive skills[]

ID Name Description
1 Double Headcount Headcount increases twice as fast.
2 Gotta Go Fast! Rose's move speed is increased by 50% for 1 second after performing a Somersault.
3 Slithery'n Slippery If Headcount is maxed out next time Rose gets hit, she becomes invulnerable for 3 seconds.
4 Greedy Gals All monetary gains are increased by 15%.
5 Ninja Squirrel Twig deals considerable additional damage during Furball of Death.
6 Naphta-coated Loaded Bolts Barrage bolts burn the ground for 3 additional seconds after impact.
7 Double Tap Drilling Bolt's cooldown is replenished instantly it finishes off a Revenant.


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