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The Gleeful Gourmet

Runolf moved to Darksburg from the cold North to start a new life and a new business. His inn, the Golden Boar, was one of the liveliest places in town, especially after dark when customers gathered to share a warm fire, tolerable ale and the all-important gossip.

Runolf was always happy to entertain the crowds with tall tales of the North, although he seemed to always avoid sharing anything about his life before Darksburg. Since the Plague, he's been helping friends and strangers alike, offering shelter and fighting back against the Infected with grim determination.

"Fun fact: I'm probably less likely to get bitten now than I was when I was working behind the bar."

Runolf is one of the Survivors in Darksburg.


Passive Mushrooming Runolf can gather Mushrooms from the environment. Mushrooms help reduce Bottle Delicacy's cooldown and grant a small amount of health and Heroic Ability charge. Only Runolf can see and pick the Mushrooms.
Q Coming Through! Coming Through!.png Runolf charges forward and sends the infected flying!
W Bottled Delicacy Bottled Delicacy.png Runolf tosses a bottle of soup that deals damage on impact and slows enemies down. Also gives Survivors temporary health and briefly boosts their movement speed. Pick Mushrooms to speed up the cooldown.
E Ladle Smash Ladle Smash.png A powerful attack that deals considerable damage and stuns the enemies over a wide area.
R (Ultimate) Dinner is Ready! Dinner is Ready!.png A cauldron filled with delicious soup that gives all allies within range some temporary health, while also making them stronger and more resilient.


Passive skills[]

1 Extra Spicy Bottled Delicacy instantly revives a dying ally.
2 Family-Sized Pouch Bottled Delicacy gets two extra charges!
3 Shared Meal Dinner Is Ready slowly charges up the allies' Heroic Ability in addition to healing them.
4 Flint-inlaid Ladle Ladle Smash leaves a fiery area on the ground for some seconds after impact.
5 Aftertaste Bottled Delicacy's effects last twice as long.
6 Express Cooking A charge of Bottled Delicacy's takes only 1 Mushroom to replenish (instead of 2).
7 Fresh Mushrooms Mushrooms heal Runolf twice as much.

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