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The Neurotic Nun

Calm, patient, warm, peaceful... All are words that will immediately spring to mind when asked to describe your typical Nun. Unfortunately (or fortunately, given the circumstances) none of which quite apply to Darksburgs Neurotic Nun, Sister Abigail.

""And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and fuuuuurious anger...""

Sister Abigail is one of the Survivors in Darksburg.


Passive Fervour Abigail builds up Fervour in the heat of battle. While it is maxed, Abigail's attack speed and attack power are increased. Fervour quickly decays after the action dies down.
Q Righteous Leap Righteous Leap.png A mighty jump invoking a holy seal upon landing. Can be used to vault over low obstacles. Repels and stuns infected on impact.
W The Bell The Bell.png Abigail hammers a bellpost into the ground, attracting nearby infected. Deals minor damage upon first impact.
E Whirlwind Whirlwind.png Turns Abigail into an unstoppable hurricane, damaging all infected in range.
R (Ultimate) Exorcism Exorcism.png Channels a massive incandescent beam of holy light. Whether this cleanses the infected or merely burns them to a crisp is up for debate.

Passive skills[]

1 Battle Prayer While Fervor is maxed out, Exorcism charges up twice as fast.
2 Hell's Bells All allies standing within The Bell's effect range get a 50%
3 Soothing Light of Doom Abigail's Exorcism now also heals allies touched by the beam.
4 Lasting Zeal Fervor decays noticeably slower.
5 Fire Storm While Fervor is maxed out, Whirlwind leaves a short-lived trail of fire that burns the infected.
6 Protective Seal While Fervor is maxed out, Righteous Leap creates a bubble of light that protects the Survivors within from any attack from the outside.
7 Smit'em all Infected that are under The Bell's effect are Smitten. Any Survivor who finishes off a Smitten infected gains a bit of temporary health.


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